Monday, September 13, 2010

What the Devil?!

So... I had a sick day today. I think I need to get my tonsils out. Most of my day today has been watching an excessive amount of Hulu. Before each episode of any show, an advertisement will say, "The following program is brought to you by..." followed by a sponsor. Today, the sponsor was the upcoming movie "Devil" which comes out soon. So all my shows today were brought to me by the Devil.

It was a humorous coincidence, but its also disturbingly true in so many cases, and though everybody knows there's something wrong with the media, have you ever considered that the process went something like this:
  1. Somebody comes up with an awful idea.
  2. Someone hears this idea, and rather than being repulsed thinks, "I will throw a few millions of my hard-earned cash at this"
  3. Then a studio, hundreds of support staff, actors, and effects people dedicate hundreds of hours to produce something.
  4. We see it as 30 minutes on television, and think to ourselves, "Oh how awful" not like we considered that it took years of planning and a HUGE budget, but like it was something that happened onto our TV screen and didn't exist the 5 seconds before we turned to that channel.
The crazy thing about it all is, these shows aren't the result of one or two sick people, but hundreds and thousands! I kind of hate this thought, but I also like it, in that it makes things appear really black and white. There really becomes an us v.s. them idea. Not against the people involved necessarily, but the powers of darkness in this world.

It makes it easy like this: I wish that when I got tempted it was like the devil called me up on my phone and in a high-pitched-whiny voice said, "Ste--eeee--eve! Go punch a baby!" (I use that because that is the most awful sin I can readily think of, but if you follow the link, I think I may have found a justifiable case) Then I would be like, "Sorry, wrong number..." Or else he would just leave voicemail like, "Hey Steve! We never hang out, why don't we hang out, you never come over to my house! Maybe I could come over to your house, okay, well, just call me back? Okay buddy? Alright? I mean we're friends right?"

It would just be easier. So thanks to Hulu, and the upcoming horror film, to make things all black and white for me.


  1. Thanks, Steve! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  2. Steve I love how profound you are. So I read this today while I was at lunch and was having an awful day and this totally changed my mood. I miss talking to you, you are seriously amazing and I miss seeing you daily!!! You should totally give me a call.